treatment for hair loss

Introduction: Hair-loss is very common among men and women. Regardless of its inevitability, it is still quite
heart wrenching for us to see our hair, which we had painstakingly watered and cared for, helplessly trapped
on our hairbrush or in our drain every time we comb our hair or take a shower. Many factors such as age,
genetic predisposition, stress, hormones and diet play a significant role in causing our hair to make a prison
break on us. It is time, to take action. In certain cases, complicated treatments might be required. However,
sometimes the solution may be as simple switching your bottle of shampoo from regular to organic. Many of
the regular shampoos we use contain a lot of harmful chemicals that can damage your hair follicles. Organic
shampoos on the other hand, are composed of natural ingredients that are milder compared to regular
shampoos. This makes them gentle on the hair and safe to use. One of the most popular organic shampoo
available in the market today is the phytoworx shampoo.

Benefits of using phytoworx shampoo:

The phytoworx shampoo is composed of 100 % natural and carefully selected ingredients that is specifically
targeted at minimizing hair loss due to DHT hormone deficiency, vitamin and mineral deficiency, poor blood
circulation to the scalp, etc. Because of this, not only is your hair loss minimized but you also get healthier
looking hair.

Phytoworx shampoo has scientifically proven to reduce hair fall by 30 %. It is also highly effective in
thickening the thinning areas on your head.

Since the formulation of the phytoworx shampoo is all organic, the side effects of using this product daily
are minimal. In fact, this point has been corroborated by many satisfied customer testimonials online.

It is reasonably fast acting and is highly effective. You are sure to get noticeable results within a month's
time. Additionally, it also has a very pleasant fruity smell that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized
after a bath.

Pytoworx shampoo is sulfate free. Many regular shampoos contain Laureth Sulfate salts of either sodium or
Ammonium. While this is effective as a cleansing agent and provides good lather, it is a suspected carcinogen
and causes a certain amount of hair fall. Since phytoworx shampoo does not contain sulfate salts of any
kind, it is a healthier alternative to use on the hair. However, the fact that it does not lather may be
uncomfortable for some customers.

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Best Shampoo for Curly or Wavy Hair

If you have unsuccessfully been looking for the best shampoo for curly hair for a long time now, you are not
alone. According to a recent study, most women use the wrong kind of shampoo, which is usually very

Choosing the best shampoo for curly hair is not an easy task with hundreds, or even thousands, of options
available, which is why it becomes much easier to grab whatever is on offer. In spite of this, picking the right
kind of shampoo really makes a huge difference. In fact, the secret to a healthy, luxurious rnane simply lies in
choosing the right shampoo.

So, how do you identify the best shampoo for curly hair?

1. Moisture and more moisture

If your hair is naturally curly, you are probably in a good position to understand just how fast curly hair dries
out. Therefore, it is important to go for shampoo that will help to trap some moisture in throughout the day.
2. Stick to sulfate-free products

You can always count on sulfate-free shampoo to work wonders on your curly hair. Sulfate, or rather
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, is an ingredient you will find in most shampoos on the market today. This ingredient,
which is usually responsible for producing lather, has been discovered to be quite harsh, especially on curly
hair. Due to this, most shampoo manufacturers have now chosen to go sulfate-free with their products. In
short, the best shampoo for curly hair should definitely be sulfate-free.

3. Mixing it up

This simply means making use of a combination of different sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. This
is very important as helps curls to trap in a lot of moisture, especially during the harsh weather conditions. If
you rely on one type shampoo, your curly hair will get accustomed to it and it will no longer be able to retain
moisture no matter how good it is.

4. Avoid an everyday product

While it is true that retaining moisture is very important for curly hair, you certainly don't want to overdo it
lest you damage your hair. With this in mind, avoid a brand that recommends daily use. Such brands are
usually weaker or less effective, thus the need to use daily.

On the other hand, a more effective shampoo will only need to be used 2-3 times a week. Therefore, when
shopping for best shampoo for curly hair, look out for suggested frequency of use in the instructions.

In conclusion, it is important to choose a qualified stylist regardless of whether you have curly hair or not.
Most stylists are able to identify the needs of different hair types and are therefore able to give proper advice
on the best shampoo for curly hair.
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receding hairline

It's a no-brainer that a receding hairline does not only banish your sexy appeal but can pose some serious
emotional distress. Whether male or female, the thought of losing hair is a worrisome one. To many, it feels
like the end of the world. And rightly so, because, we link youth and attractiveness to our hair.

Honestly, it takes a lot of chuptzah to deal with a receding hairline. The victims approach the issue in

various ways. For men,once it reaches certain extent, sometimes they find no need to fight the inevitable. No
need to go for all the dorky patchwork measures to try to regrow or hide it. The usual norm is to take the
plunge,shave it off and go for a bold,captivating look. For women, well, this is one hot issue, which should be
fodder for another blog post. But, it is not all doom and gloom, below are some approaches to dealing with
this malaise.

1.) Eat a nutritious diet

Yeah, the devil is in the details. Or should I say, in the diet. Unhealthy hair is mostly attributed to poor diet.
Incorporate lots of proteins into your daily diet regimen. Build strong hair by taking proteins since proteins are
body building foods. Eats lots of fish, take protein supplements. Vitamin D is also very essential. Throw in
some multivitamins into the mix as well. Avoid refined foods as they will accelerate hair loss. Opt for a
wholesome diet.

2.) Minimize stress

This cannot be overstated enough. There are lot of ways out there to achieve this. Practice relaxation
techniques. Meditate. Do yoga. Go out for nature walks. Breathe deeply. Be composed. Try to be humorous.
In short, try to live in the present and avoid subjecting yourself to too much pressure.

3.) Adopt a new hairstyle

There are a myriad of nice hair cuts options out there that you can adopt to camouflage your thinning
hairline. Knock yourself out, do some research, it's a Google search away. Generally, the key trick is to cut it
low, as it makes it difficult to observe that receding hairline

4.) Don't overclean

It is almost counterintuitive to overwash once you start observing a thinning hairline. But, brushing already
damaged hair follicles is obviously a recipe for more disaster. Avoid the temptation of your trusty bristles and
just do only some few strokes on the hair and leave it at that.

5.) Go slow on hair products

Due to the relaxed marketing policies, most companies selling hair products get away by offering ineffective
products with zero results. Once in a while some miracles happen to some people and they recover the lost
hair but the truth is that this is not always guaranteed to everyone. So take time to review the products as you
don't want to worsen an already challenging situation. Then hope for the best. You might be the next success

6.) Do a hair transplant

It is worth pointing out that this is an expensive route that involves some surgery procedures but it is
certainly worth a try. This option is a favorite one with celebrities and has gained some interest especially
after Manchester United's striker Wayne Rooney opted for it with positive results. Simply, the doctor takes the
hair from some other part of the body, say the back of the head and transplants it to the forehead or where
the hair is thinning out. Hair sheds a month or two after transplant but grows to normal after 6 months.

6.) Take some hair-producing medications

Some topical medications like minoxidil have been proven to rejuvenate and reverse hair-loss. Basically,
apply on the dry scalp where there is receding hairline twice daily. The downside is that hair-loss recurs once
the medication is stopped.

7.) Wear a cap or wig

A receding hairline may offer the best time to get out that baseball cap and cover up your head. Wigs are
also an option for both men and women and they also come in various styles for your tastes and preferences.
9.) Let it be

Well, while hair is surely important, life is not all about it. Let it be, keep a positive outlook and move on with
life swiftly. Live a confident, superb life and seek comfort from other people who have embraced having a
receding hairline.
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Benefits of Sulfate Free Shampoo

Who really should be using a sulfate free shampoo?
• Those whose hair has been color treated, permed, relaxed or had a keratin straightening (Brazilian blowout)
• People with sensitive skin or dry skin in general including those prone to dandruff, itchy scalp and eczema.
• Anyone with dry or brittle hair
Sulfate shampoos can be drying not just on hair but may also deplete moisture from the scalp and skin as well. If you have eczema on your face, back or arms you may make matters worse by not paying attention to what is in your hair shampoo.
Some studies show that sulfates may contribute to damaging hair follicles and thus thinning hair. If you have been losing hair and have not recently had a baby or, if you're a man and baldness does not run in your family then try using a sulfate free shampoo and see if it helps with your hair loss. Unfortunately, hair loss caused by your family's genetics or hormone fluctuations from a recent pregnancy or side effects from chemotherapy treatment for cancer will not be helped even by the best sulfate free shampoo.
The best sulfate free shampoo for color treated hair should contain light conditioners and humectants to restore moisture balance and softness to hair. Also important are proteins and vitamins.
A wonderful ingredient in any mild shampoo formula for adding incredible softness and conditioning to hair and skin is guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride. Although it sounds scary and hard to pronounce this is actually a safe, simple biodegradable derivative of the humble guar bean that is mostly grown in India. Guar has nourished the people of India and their animal livestock for generations. You may have seen guar gum listed as an ingredient in your ice cream and salad dressing. It is made from the same plant and used as a thickener in some food products to enhance creaminess.
Another great ingredient to have in a shampoo for color treated hair is hydrolyzed wheat protein because it will add strength and body to hair. Penetrating the cortex, wheat provides replenishment by adding Cysteine, a hair strengthening protein, to hair weakened by chemical and color treatments as well as regular use of the hair dryer and flat iron.
Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) is another very important ingredient as it can lubricate the hair shaft, coat the hair's surface and make the strands appear shiny and smooth. The smooth film also provides excellent slip between adjacent strands of hair and detangling properties. Panthenol is capable of penetrating the cuticle and entering the hair shaft as well, where it aids in moisture retention and provides volume.
In your quest for the best sulfate free shampoo make sure the ingredients include botanicals that would be beneficial for your scalp as well. Remember that maintaining a healthy scalp is essential to beautiful hair.
One example of a skin beneficial botanical is Calendula. The flavonoids in the calendula flower have been found in recent European studies to have antiseptic and antifungal properties. This may explain why calendula has traditionally been attractive to herbalists for centuries in treating wounds, skin and various scalp problems.
The herb Rosemary, rich in phenolic acids, can also be antiseptic, antifungal with scalp healing properties. It has even been used historically as a possible treatment for hair loss and for stimulating hair growth. Rosemary's principle action is increasing circulation to the scalp, stimulating it to regain its own moisture and renewing skin cell health, relieving dryness and itchiness.
Finally, be aware of whether your shampoo has sodium chloride as an ingredient... Especially if you are looking for a post keratin treatment shampoo for your hair. Many hair companies use sodium chloride as an inexpensive thickener in their shampoo formulas. Although sodium chloride is simply table salt and non-toxic, along with sulfate shampoo cleansers it can however diminish the duration and quality of your keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout that you just spent hundreds of dollars on. Remember to avoid sodium chloride along with sulfates in your quest for the best shampoo for your color treated, chemically treated or dry hair.
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